New V3.00 of Dream Flights has arrived - click to learn a lot of new features!


What’s new? A LOT OF:

- Headtracking (VR mode) control is totally changed and improved. There are 3 brand new modes of VR control:
 1D – by tilting and turning your head and body, you control the tilting of the camera and yaw turns of the drone.
 2D – while flying forward, by tilting left and right you make turns (virages) as on an airplane. You can control your speed in this mode by tilting forwards/backwards rather than using a stick. While hovering you can move horizontally (left/right and forwards/backwards) by tilting your head and body
 3D – same as 2D, but tilting your head/body forwards and backwards commands the drone to descend and ascend respectively.
- In any of the VR modes above you can override headtracking control with the sticks by moving them from neutral position.
- Now supports Phantom 4, including Flight Assistant: indication of obstacles in front of the drone introduced.
- Switching between the drone’s view and ground view (from the phone’s camera)
- Improved battery level indication: now it includes the values needed to return home and to descend.
- Ultrasonic sensor now shows altitude value
The demo app has become flyable!. You can try Dream Flights in real flight with your drone for free right now!