Now you can DRAW ON THE SKY by your drone!


Look at new AR "Copter Draw" (iOS version only) in Display settings:

With this mode ON and C1 button pressed (any VR mode enabled), the path of the drone became visible as the line of colorful AR "comets". You can choose the color, thickness and consistency of this line in the "Display" settings. And after the flight you and your friends can see these lines in our new Sky Draw app. These feature can be used for at least 2 purposes:

a) To draw or write something nice and special to surprise your friends:

b) To draw some virtual (AR) "obstacles" like gates or hoops to exercise in flying through it. You can draw these objects either by your drone or in Sky Draw app just by your finger on the phone's screen.

In both cases you can arrange a competition - whose drawing will be the best or who will fly through more number of obstacles for example.