Why Dream Flights?

Prior to flight, you can mark the POIs you want to fly to on the map, in the Maps section of app. On the video from the drone you will see AR objects – these are the beacons, located on the POIs and in the Home point. Using these, you will be able to easily visually navigate during your flight (iOS only).
In an fpv piloting DJI drone, the biggest obstacle is sunlight. While wearing VR glasses, sunlight is completely blocked out and you can adjust screen brightness to the most comfortable level – as a result, you can see copter’s view video bright and clear.
Real 3D video from the drone – surprisingly, with only one standard DJI Phantom 3/4/Inspire 1 camera.
Separation of moving objects. When the drone hovers at one point, you see moving cars and people as 3D, while other fixed objects are flat.
Flight control (roll, pitch, yaw and throttle) simply through tilting and turning your body and your head in VR glasses.
You will hear wind rushing in your headphones, which changes when you move in different directions and, therefore, serves you as a control instrument as well.
With DJI Inspire 1 you can set “Passenger mode” and enjoy a 360 degrees (horizontal) by 90 degrees (vertical) free view by tilting your head and turning your sight to any direction, while the pilot controls the aircraft with RC.
While VR FPV piloting, you see a 3D object, which graphically demonstrates your flight heading, home point heading, velocity in all three axes and horizon plane.
By tilting left and right you make turns (virages) as on an airplane.
Switching view from the drone to the ground to keep visual contact with the craft at any time.
New flying mode:
Glider flight simulation

How it looks like: